Icelandair Technical Services

Icelandair Technical Services (ITS) is the MRO, technical services, design services and component services provider for Icelandair Group. We provide complete technical support for customers around the world with a world class reputation for quality and safety.

We rely on over 75 years experience of operating and maintaining aircraft and carry on a proud heritage of great workmanship and good service. ITS is strategically located at Keflavik Airport, mid-way between Europe and North America. It has line stations at other locations world wide as well as component stocks in Europe, Asia and South America.

ITS is approved in accordance with EASA part 145 as well as having a Russian and Bermudan Maintenance Approval. Furthermore we are a certified EASA Part M subpart G Organization, an EASA Part 21 subpart J design Organization and an EASA Part 147 type training organization.