Icelandair Technical Services is a European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) approved Design Organisation (Approval number: EASA.21J.312). We are a small and efficient Organisation offering changes to Large Transport Aircraft (CS-25) and Commuter aircraft (CS-23).

We have been offering EASA approved design services since 2006 and were the first Organisation in Scandinavia to offer such services. Our scope of work includes aircraft systems, avionics, structures and interiors. All minor changes are approved in-house under our EASA approved Design Assurance System. Major changes will be handled as STCs and approved by EASA. EASA STCs can be validated by the FAA.

We offer repair services to Boeing aircraft. Our approval allows us to design minor and major repairs to primary and secondary structure. Repairs that cannot be completed in-house are coordinated through the TC holder (Boeing). We have found that aircraft downtime can be reduced by sending repair proposals to the TC holder instead of asking the TC holder for a repair proposal that then has to be evaluated. We have expanded our repair capabilities even further by gaining approval to design repairs to fatigue critical baseline structure, including damage tolerance analysis.