Icelandair Design Organization has designed the following STCs.

Three more STCs are being prepared during the 2013/2014 winter.

STC no. STC Authority Aircraft Model Description Date of issue
10015254 EASA Boeing 757-200 Reconfigure seating layout to 52/10 Pax arrangement (VIP & Lounge) 15.12.2008
10029481 EASA Boeing 757-200 Activation of the ADS-B out funcion of the Transpoder Systems. 26.3.2010
10030954 EASA GA8 AIRVAN Installation of TopScan Camera System 15.7.2010
10038270 EASA Boeing 757-200 Installation of Satcom and Flight Tracking System. 2.2.2012
10044500 EASA Boeing 757-200 CPDLC Installation and activation of a Spectralux DLink+ system which provides Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) /Controller Pilot Data Li  17.4.2013
10044655 EASA Boeing 757-200 Installation of new seating layout with 183 total passengers using AVIOInteriors seats with IMS Rave IFE system and Astronics EMPOWER ISPS system. 26.4.2013
10044546 EASA Boeing 757-200 Intergrated Standby Flight Display V2 plus (ISFD V2+) System Installation 19.4.2013